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Through it All
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Through it All

Finally, after a two year search for space, we, the store house gals are excited to reopen our convenience store. Finding a new place meant business will be able to contribute to economic growth in such an area. However, with minimal space, strategic planning was necessary. As George Friedman would say,” hope for the best, plan for the worst." Actually, tweaking our plans opened more business opportunities, the skies the limit. The good news is that we made changes to have our store properly certified.

Stronger Together

This up and coming week will be quite interesting for me and my siblings. Why? We are threading into something new, online business. However, we are excited to share our simple life and how working together as a team can create an exciting fun workplace. As a team, we may even be able to come up with something to enhance the company and make it more profitable. So, bear with us as we make this happen.

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